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  1. Brackenburn Brackettes

    Brackenburn Brackettes

    Brackenburn Brackettes are excellent renewable solid fuel made from bracken that’s cut, compressed then dried and made into briquettes. Ferns...

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  2. Crackling Corker Winter Logs

    Crackling Corker Winter Logs

    To create a crackling fire this winter use quality logs that have been naturally seasoned. Oak logs are first class...

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  3. Irish Peat or Black Gold

    Irish Peat or Black Gold

    Home sweet home! The pleasant aroma of Irish Peat, or black gold as it is referred to, has always been...

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  4. Blazing Bio-Beans

    Blazing Bio-Beans

    Blazing Bio - beans. Who would of thought we would be making logs to burn from spent coffee beans, and...

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  5. Covid-19 Update

    Covid-19 Update

    Corker Outdoor Living – Service Update Are you open to Trade and Retail customers?  Yes - as an essential retailer,...

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